routing over ipsec tunnel

  • Hi Guys,
    I'm new to pfsense need some help with static routing. I have 2 sites linked via IPsec tunnel . Site A is the pfSense and site B is a Draytek router , the draytek has 2 wan ports one is connected to the ISP, the other is connected to the clients network , which is part of an MPLS network . Before installing the pfSense site A also had a Draytek router.
    Site A has LAN subnet of , the router at site B has a LAN subnet of . The second WAN port on the router at site B is connected to the clients network and picks up an address in the subnet via dhcp .
    When it was setup with 2 Draytek routers I could reach any active IP in the range. This was achieved via static routing .
    I can ping any device in the range I just can't get beyond that point. When I traceroute to a
    the packets are going straight out on the WAN at site A
    I am struggling to emulate this with pfSense , so any help would be gratefully appreciated .

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