• HI pfSense Team and thank you for all the job done to release such a product

    We are currently using pfSense 1.2 in our company and are testing 2.0 alpha for diffserv problems in 1.2

    By the way, it seems that the openvpn client configuration is broken in this preversion.
    In fact, when we create an openvpn client, it seems that the openvpn configuration file written to disk is not complete.

    All the cert lines are missing in the generated configuration file.

    Looking at the code, it seems that only one line is missing in the file vpn_openvpn_client.inc: the line that copies the vpn mode ('p2p_tls', 'shared_key', …) selected in the client configuration form to the array used by the function that writes the configuration.

    We have fixed the problem in our version by adding the line at line 203 in the file vpn_openvpn_client.inc.

    $client['mode'] = $pconfig['mode'];

    So this file now looks like that:

    		$client['disable'] = $pconfig['disable'];
    		$client['protocol'] = $pconfig['protocol'];
    		$client['interface'] = $pconfig['interface'];
    		$client['local_port'] = $pconfig['local_port'];
    		$client['server_addr'] = $pconfig['server_addr'];
    		$client['server_port'] = $pconfig['server_port'];
    		$client['resolve_retry'] = $pconfig['resolve_retry'];
    		$client['proxy_addr'] = $pconfig['proxy_addr'];
    		$client['proxy_port'] = $pconfig['proxy_port'];
    		$client['description'] = $pconfig['description'];
    // added to fix configuration file generation bug
    		$client['mode'] = $pconfig['mode'];

    Hope this will help you fix this problem in future releases


  • The fix is in the sources now thx.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    I just committed that fix. Thanks!