IKEv2 Site-to-Site and MultiWAN on one side

  • Hi, I have 2 pfSense XG-7100.
    First with 1 WAN and second with 2 WANs.
    On Second pfSense I choose to use GWGroup (with failover tier1 and tier2) for IPsec Phase1. On First one I configured remote side as DDNS record of second side.
    When I have missing main (tier1) WAN on second pfSense IPsec it reconnect to tier2 IP, but it not reconnect back when tier1 begin to be available. pfSense on Second pfSense try speak by WAN1, when First one still try use WAN2 IP for communication even when DDNS was changed back.
    This bug or there is another way to do it not by DDNS?

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