Default gateway handling since 2.5 update, broke my gateway groups

  • Hello,

    we have a pfense setup with 3 WAN connections: WAN1, WAN2, WAN3.

    In the old pfsense versions we could check with traceroute in pfsense, that each WAN has on own route to e.g. In order to do so, we used each WAN as the source address.

    With 2.5 and the new way of handling default gateways, we can not replicate this behaviour. If we change the option "Default gateway IPv4" to anything else than automatic, we can not use the other WAN interfaces than the current default gateway. Is this on purpose?

    E.g. I define a gateway group WAN123 and WAN321 (with the respective tiers set to the WANs...). And set WAN123 under the option "Default gateway IPv4". Futhermore I habe two openvpn clients o1 and o2.

    o1 runs on WAN123.
    o2 runs on WAN321.

    Both openvpn clients will go over WAN1, as this is the actual default gateway ... And not o1 over WAN1 (tier 1 for WAN123) and o2 over WAN3 (tier 1 for WAN321). I think this is a bug, as the option "Default gateway IPv4" overrules my gateway groups... as far as we checked, gateway groups are overruled anywhere in the system, even policy based routing...

    Any ideas?

    Thanks and go on with this perfect and most advanced firewall !

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