Authentication Server - Local + AD?

  • Hi,

    forgive me if this seems a dumb question, but from the Interface i don't seem to see the option.

    I have a Local Auth (obvious) and I add an Active Directory Auth (or more than one)

    working with no problem with the "User Authentication Diagnostic" panel.

    At this point i would expect to find in the "Add User" panel, for each user i add, a simple menu

    that tells pFsense which type of user i'm creating.

    So a menu containing "Local Auth" and "MyDomain.loc" and / or "MyDomain1..2..3..4..N.loc".

    I don't find this menu but i find only a "Global Setting" in wich i can choose an auth server.

    But i want "Both" auth server working at the same time.

    In my specific case i want to use:

    1 local user + 1 Domain user to connect to the Web Admin Gui (2 users total),

    1 local user to initiate a VPN (this is my Administrative Account)

    1 to N Domain Users initiate a VPN using Corporate Users (whose i knows only Username obviously).

    Pheraps i'm missing something. How do i achieve this?

    I've read other posts speaking about a "Fallback" method, but in my case i need a "Parallel" method.

    Thank you very much.

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