running a main forwarder behind pfsese.

  • Hi,

    quick question, if you all don't mind giving me a hand with.

    I have a system behind pfsense that I would like to use for forwarding mails to an external MTA. the MTA would only accept connections from systems that are registered in DNS. But, my system ( internal, behind pfsense ) is not registered in external DNS. what could I do in pfsense so I can forward mails from that (internal) server and it would look like it came from a host that is registered in external DNS?

    I have been googling this but not been able to find anything relevant (just) yet.


  • So you have to have a static public IP which is used for sending out mails and you need a public domain, where you assign a hostname to that public IP.
    You may also need PTR Resource Record which points to that hostname. This can be set by your ISP.

    Usually a smart host should rather use an authentication method than require all that.

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