Unbound Fatal Error: server-cert-file pem does not exist

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    i'm not using unbound but i want to start it for help some guys here on the forum and i had this error
    fatal error: server-cert-file: "/var/unbound/test/unbound_server.pem" does not exist
    this is pfsense 2.4.4p3

    i'm pretty sure this is because of all the tampering i have done to help others and to test it

    what i found out is that a php function create a /var/unbound/test folder with all the needed files to check if the generated config is ok except it does not copy *.pem inside it
    a reinstall is probably the best solution but this is the step i've made to solve the problem:
    from console edit /etc/inc/unbound.inc
    at line 111
    function test_unbound_config($unboundcfg, &$output) {
    if ($rv == 0) {
    comment out with // rmdir ->

    save and exit
    try to start dns resolver from the gui, it will still say that there is that error
    go back to console

    cd /var/unbound
    cp *.pem test

    start the service from the GUI and it should start without any problem
    go back to the console and revert what was done inside /etc/inc/unbound.inc > remove // in front of rmdir_recursive($cfgdir);
    from now on you can freely start and stop unbound without any problem
    i was unable to reproduce what caused this problem though


  • Thanks, doing this did the trick for me.

    Using 2.4.5.a.20191216.1443.

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