Properly setup host override

  • I have a single WAN connection with a static IP address
    I have a number of LAN connections with servers behind them..
    I have a number of domains with my dns record all pointed at the Public IP address (The one assigned to the WAN)
    I want query for domain to go to LAN
    And query for domain to fo to LAN etc etc. . So spit DNS
    I assumed that host overrides would achieve this but this only seems to work for queries made from within the LAN. Anything external (WAN) does not resolve... I cannot figure out what I am doing wrong.. Any help would be much appreciated.. Its doing my head in!

  • What you need is a reverse proxy... like haproxy.

  • I was afraid you were going to say that.
    Its going to kill squidguard which i dont really want to do.

  • To put it in one sentence, Domain Overrides are used to configure specific DNS Servers for particular domains. For an example, let’s assume the following setup. [url=][size=50][/size][/url]
    pfSense: – DNS Server for your local network
    Windows Server 2016:

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    Why would it kill squidguard.. Use HA proxy for this..

    So someone hits your public IP for it gets sent to 2.2, when someone hits that same public IP for it goes to 2.3..

  • Netgate Administrator

    Yeah, you can use Squid Reverse proxy for that too. I don't think even that would prevent Squidguard working though. Have you tested that already?


  • @stephenw10
    i have not been brave enough to test it. I just assumed that having both squid and HA proxy was a bad idea. Will give it a try today and see how it goes.

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