Replacing ISP Gateway with pfSense

  • Hello, New to networking and trying to start my home lab. This is probably a dumb question but is there anything specific I need to do to replace my ISP Gateway with pfSense? I tried connecting directly to my ONT after the interfaces setup and wasn't getting an IP. Had to call them and revert back to their gateway. They said the MAC tables got full, probably due to a number of devices trying to become the gateway.

    Gigabit Fiber ISP
    pfSense running on a Hyper-V bare metal server
    Gateway is seperate from the ONT

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    Depends on the ISP. Ask them if anything specific is required or at least post what the ISP is in case someone knows what secret sauce they require.

  • ISP is Sonic.

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    They are pretty good. Ask them what is required.

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