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  • Hi. this is my second time around with pfsense but my first time in the forums. I'm wondering if there are themes that allow the colors on the dashboard 'system information' widget to change color depending on the value being presented. For example, Red usually is an indicator of trouble and many widgets show green when things are ok and change color otherwise. But the memory bar starts out read and you have to see its size to know if it is in trouble. So the constant appearance of red de-sensitizes you to its function as an emergency indicator.

    I know I can choose another theme to get rid of the red but I am still left gauging its length rather than having an immediate tip-off when I walk nearby.

  • I take it you have gone through these:
    Screen Shot 2019-10-14 at 9.54.38 PM.png

  • so I have chosen one that would turn the bars green, will they change color as the situation nears criticality? I don't want to run up my router to find out.

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