upgrading cpu+motherboard in pfsense box

  • ok so the hd in my old pfsense box just died. 120gb sata from 2004...lol

    it is a mix of old/spare parts; rest of the system is old. core 2 quad with 4gb ddr2 ram. some random nvidia video card and dual intel pcie x1 gigabit cards.

    got a 240gb ssd to swap in.

    running bare metal.

    Not interested in a netgate system.

    Wanted to upgrade the rest of the system. Was considering a asrock 4105 (https://www.asrock.com/MB/Intel/J4105M/)

    would add ram and carry over the gigabit network cards.

    Then I realized that I could get a cheap am4 quad core setup for 100$ cdn more or so. Ryzen 3 1200 and a cheap b450 board +ddr4 @8gb. carry over video card and network cards.

    Running gigabit cable (1gbs down, 100mbs up) with a bunch of packages, etc


  • LAYER 8

    both are ok, go for the cheap am4.
    check if the video card is pcie and not agp, it's not really a problem if the b450 mainboard have an integrated video card

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  • @kiokoman thanks. Some random Nvidia 2gb pcie card I got for free aome years ago. One slot and has hdmi. Am4 lacks video except for the apu units. Since i got a videocard, going for it. Tempted to get a 2700 non x 8 cote for 100$ more for fun... 😂

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