Replacing NIC Card on PFSENSE Box

  • Hello,
    I have a question and I would appreciate an answer or instructions.
    Currently have a single port NIC on my PFSENSE install and I am using the onboard port on the machine as well.
    So NIC port is LAN and onboard port is WAN.
    On the LAN I also have two VLANS.
    I got a 4 port Intel i350 card and I want to install this one and remove the single port one.
    I have backups of all my settings, firewall rules, VLANS, and everything.
    My plan was to install the new NIC and just auto detect and assign the interfaces but now I have the following issue:
    I removed the existing single port NIC card and I installed the "new" one four port. When I turned the machine on, no BIOs, no post. Then the fan gets super loud and it stays like that until I manually have to turn it off.

    When I install the old NIC card back, everything is good, I am able to get into the BIOS and PFSENSE boots without any issues.

    So I installed the card into a spare machine I have laying around and installed a fresh copy of PFSENSE. No issues, it detected the four port network card without any problems. I am able to see the four IGB with their respective MAC addresses.

    Could there be an incompatibility with this network and the machine I am using as a router? These are the specs for that machine:
    HP Compaq 6200 Pro
    Running the latest firmware, J01 v2.33 - April 12 2019.
    CPU - Intel i7-2600 and 8 Gigs of RAM.
    500 Gig Hard drive.

    Any advice is really appreciated.

  • LAYER 8

    strange, I immediately thought the card was broken, but it work on another machine. there is only one 16x pcie slot on that motherboard afaik. maybe check/clean the golden pin of the pcie slot

  • Netgate Administrator

    Insufficient power to the slot? Incompatible PCIe version?

    It's clearly something very low level if it prevents it powering on entirely. Might not be anything you can do there.


  • @kiokoman thanks very much, I will try to clean that and try again.

  • @stephenw10 - Thanks for the reply, the machine turns on, I just don't get video or BIOS or anything. Are there any diagnostics I could check for?
    Apologies if this is a dumb question but if I get another machine, install a fresh copy of PFSENSE, can I restore the backups I have for this one?

  • Netgate Administrator

    Yes, you can restore backups into another machine. You might have to re-assign the interfaces if they are using different drivers.


  • Just throwing this out there. Maybe some low level resource conflict. Try going into BIOS and disabling any ports, etc., you don't need, including the onboard NIC.

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