after cloning how can i run code it don't work any one can tell me steps or a requirements for this if can send me any helping materials(video or doc) by this email ( 10Q for your help

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    That you think people are going to email you is just hilarious..

    You can setup notification on profile to get an email when someone replies to a thread.. You have done this on everyone one of your posts.. Not sure you understand what a forum is??

  • I know my friend I just want to get further information

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    If people have info - then they would post it here, not personally email you with it.. Such action would defeat really the whole purpose of a forum ;)

    Also that would also give you the persons email address - which many are not open to be sharing with some guy on a forum asking for help..

    edit: BTW what is more likely to happen with you posting your email like that is some yahoo will think its funny to sign you up for every kind of spam or fetish porn they can.. If I were you I would really remove that email address from your post.. If you need help doing that - just let me know.

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