pFsense as ISP router PROBLEM

  • Hi Guys,

    We are a local ISP provider in our place currently we are using 1Gbps of speed coming from our two ISP providers. We are using pfsense to manage and load balance the two ISP's, we deployed it in a Quad Core Xeon processor with multiple Intel NIC Cards, the server is using a 240Gb SSD and an 8 Gb of RAM. Our issue right now is that during peak hours in the afternoon the connection is so slow that sometimes we get a RTO response from 1 min to 3 mins duration, a 300ms to 500ms latency, super slow access to facebook page, subscribers who are running a business of gaming cafe are raising a LAG issue as well.

    Hope some one can enlighten us on what we are missing here, because the other department telling us that the router used before is MICROTIK and they don't encounter any issues at all.

  • Any traffic shaping done on pfSense?

    I would suggest that you start at the ISP connection and work your way back to see where the bottleneck is. Check the CPU usage on pfSense to see if they are overloaded and can't keep up.


  • hi RHLinux

    cpu is just around 20-30% usage, state is normal. no traffic shaping is being but a manual limiter has been set to each rule. already tested directly from each isp router and no problem found either.

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