successful pfsense ryzen 3200g build success.

  • my pfsense box was a franestone of old parts, etc. Was running a core 2 quad 45nm ebay xeon (with pin mod) on a gigbyte p35-ds3r with 4gb ddr, dual intel lan cards, old case, crappy random geforce card, 120gb hd, old antec case, random ocz psu, etc. HD died last week, replaced with a 26$ cdn 120gb kingston sata k400 ssd. Board died on weekend (or I think it did).

    Was going to throw my 4707k in it, but seemed excessive, and I want a amd TR3 cpu which will be out shortly.

    Went to the local canada computers location as I needed parts asap.

    almost got the asrock j4105m, but for the price difference, this seemed like a better deal.

    had a spare wraith spire from a ryzen 3700x build I made for my buddy.

    Ended up with a ryzen 3200g, gigabyte b450m ds3h (asrock atx one I wanted was sold out), and 16gb of gskill 3200mhz ram. Carried over the intel 82574l nics, case, ssd, psu, etc. so far, rock solid, and no odd issues with 2.4.4 p3.

    disabled audio, stock realtek junk nic, etc

    18 year old (or older antec case) with a bunch of randoms parts stickers. It sits in a closet running my network.


    been running since saturday night, no issues or reboots.


    got an ebay "NGFF M2 to PCI-e 4X 1X Slot Riser Card M Key SSD Port to PCIE Adapter for Mining" on order to convert the nvme slot to a 4x slot. (

    can add some 10gbe nics if need be in the future.

    not interested in netgate box. I am a diy guy. part of the fun and pain is building it. yeah uses more power, but meh....

  • pfsense.jpg

    had to resize this one

  • @messerchmidt nice build, thanks for sharing.

  • Those Ryzen 3s make great pfSense boxes. I just wish we'd get to a version of FreeBSD that supports their thermal temps. :)

  • just says 16.9*C all the time in mine

  • That's odd. 62 F Mine is just always stuck on "updating..."

  • pf_temp.jpg

    even with amd thermal sensors set in advance - misc settings - I get this. hopefully they fix it in a later version of pfsense/freebsd

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