• Is pfsense supporting VLSM addresing? Because I'm trying to set one interface A with and another interface B with and it's say's this configuration overlaps the first subnet in interface A. But with vlsm this is wright. Does the order of interfaces have a meaning because interface B is first and then is interface A. Or Pfsense only accepts one type of subneting?

  • @CiCC

    Yes, it does support variable length subnet masks. However, you have overlapping subnets. That /22 is in fact /22 because the mask erases the .2 in the 3rd byte of the address. The next network up that supports /22 is

  • Hi Jknott. I'm going to read about vlsm because maybe i'm miss understanding the concept.
    Cheers and thanks for the answer...

  • Indeed i've miss-understand vlsm. And it's wright what you ar saying because vlsm works ordering from bigger subnets to smallest subnets. That's why i got the error.
    Thanks, any way.. I have to check how to reordenate my subnets... thanks in advance...

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