Stale bogon list comes with current pfSense install package.

  • I just recently installed pfSense w/packages (v 1.2.2 built on Thu Jan 8 22:30:24 EST 2009) onto a Soekris net5501 equipped with a G.SKILL 64GB SATA SSD. The install went pretty smoothly (had a problem with incorrect /etc/fstab entries that kept if from finding the boot and swap partitions) and seems to be routing the networks nicely.

    BTW, Soekris provides outstanding documentation and this helped out tremendously. OK, nuff of that!  ::)

    This is where I obtained the pfSense LiveCD from.

    However, I have a few questions, below…

    Is this the most recent bogon list?

    Is this the most recent bogon retrieval script?

    This is the bogon list that came with the installation:

    $ ls -al /etc/bogons
    -rw-r--r--  1 root  wheel  588 Oct 25  2007 /etc/bogons

    $ cat /etc/bogons

    This is what's on there now after executing the bogon retrieval script that came with the package (I temporarily removed the sleep period)

    $ ls -al /etc/bogons
    -rw-r--r--  1 root  wheel  443 Apr 17 15:04 /etc/bogons

    $ cat /etc/bogons

    Finally, here are the log entries generated by the bogon retrieval script (
    Apr 17 15:04:02    root: 13 addresses deleted.
    Apr 17 15:04:02    root: Bogons file downloaded: 1 addresses added.
    Apr 17 15:03:57    root: is beginning the update cycle.
    Apr 17 15:03:57    root: is sleeping for 48808
    Apr 17 15:03:57    root: is starting up.

    Does this all look right?

    Thanks in advance...


  • My home IP is on the 173/8 block and the outdated listed was blocking me from my pfsense box at work. This caused me over a week of aggravation and numerous phone calls and emails to my two ISPs. For once they were correct in saying "It's not our fault you don't have access."

    Maybe this update needs to be kicked off after a fresh installation automatically.  >:(

  • This was already reported in 1.2.1/1.2.3,13278.0.html
    As mentioned there, it has been updated and is current in snaps and 1.2.3RC1