SG1100 Wifi/LAN config question

  • Hey guys, looking for a solution here.

    I have my WAN connected to my cable modem and it is assigned 192.168.0.*
    I have my LAN connected to my switch with all hardwired devices assigned 192.168.1.*
    I have my OPT connected to my WIFI router only assigned 192.168.2.*

    I really want my PC's that are hardwired to be able to cast to my WIFI devices and vice/versa but atm they cannot. Is there something else I need to set up to get these networks to see each other? Thanks!

  • LAYER 8

    only a firewall rules that permit traffic from OPT to LAN
    else you must be more specific on what you need

  • Okay, I thought I was specific. Here goes..

    I want my WIFI devices, Chrome cast, and a couple of TVs that are WiFi only to be visible to my LAN devices so that I can cast to them.


  • LAYER 8

    there was a 3d about this not long ago
    you can try with igmp proxy
    or avahi (Available packages)
    if nothing work search for pimd on the forum

  • Thank you Kiokoman!

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