pfsense traffic shaping prioritize https/https

  • I have pfsense working on a router great. I finally decided to setup the traffic shaping using the wizard. After a little fiddling everything looks ok.

    I did do high priority on http and radio streaming. I think the option was tunein as high priority.

    anyways I do a lot of torrent downloading and I was hoping since I set high priority on browsing that we wouldn't feel it browsing while torrents are downloading... this isn't the case.

    I think maybe I can see a bit of a difference? I'm not sure...

    I don't mind if I do youtube and the videos aren't straming, but I was hoping to at least keep working browsing stackoverflow etc without feeling the downloads.

    What should I do? Does anyone have any pointers or good documentation I could read?

    Thank you

  • What should I do?

    Maybe try asking your problem in one of the Support forums, perhaps Traffic Shaping?

  • Main thing is to check to see if things are in the right queue while debugging.
    check (pfsense IP)/status_queues.php while a few torrents are going full bore, and ensure that the traffic is in fact going to the correct queue, and you should see drops in the p2p queue while you surf and such.

    If you don't see anything in p2p, then you likely have an issue with rules. Issue is the people with torrent ports in stupid ranges, or things landing in default queue because they didn't match the rule.
    I ended up making a small seedbox VM for whatever distro I'm messing around with and just making 2 blanket rules at the bottom of my floating rules (after default rule):
    match any tcp/udp from ip_distrobox to any
    match any tcp/udp from any to ip_distrobox

    Works like a charm after that. Not sure how else to get torrent boxes to shape right because they generally randomly pick ports to operate.

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