Peculiar interface problem

  • Hi, I have a problem that I can not resolve.

    I use a Huawei B618 LTE modem in Bridge mode connected to an APU2D4 router with Pfsense installed on it.

    My connection speed is around 120-200 Mb/s and is pretty consistent. I have been using this Huawei Modem together with an Apple AirPort Extreme doing the routing (DHCP & NAT) for about 6 months without a problem, consistent speeds, no need to reboot at all for connection issues etc.

    When using the Huawei modem with the APU with Pfsense the speed starts fine but after 10mins to 1 hour the speed drops down to 50 Mb/s and sometimes lower. It never picks up again to the 120+ Mb/s that it should be doing. Just unplugging the WAN interface cable from the APU and reconnecting it resolves the problem for a few minutes then everything slows down again. It never corrects itself on its own, only unplugging the cable or rebooting Pfsense resets the problem.

    There is some communication problem between the Huawei and Pfsense that is causing the slow down.

    Does anyone have any ideas what it could be?

    I have tried many different cables, it is not a problem with the Huawei modem, no LTE signal issues, I don’t believe there is a hardware problem with the APU router. There must be a simple configuration in Pfsense which is causing it.

    Kind regards,

  • Anything in your System log?

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