• i just wanted to check if any1 currently is using pfsense 2.0 embedded on an alix board coz the last time when i checked a few months back, i wasnt even able to get the GUI to load.

    if any1 could comment on the following while running on a alix or any embedded system:

    wireless in bridged mode with LAN?


  • Hi,
    I'm using 2.0 on an ALIX2D3 board.
    I'm not using pppoe.

    I'm going to test wireless in about a week when I get a card.

    I also haven't tested performance because I don't really have the setup to do it right now. Maybe in a few days I'll try.

    I'm focused on using it in a mobile router application with a USB GPRS/EDGE/HSDPA modem.

    It's working in that application, but only after I've modified a few pieces of code and I still need the command line to control the connection state.
    You can see my recent posts about 3G/GPRS/HSDPA topics.

    As for stability, it seems pretty stable, but the PPP code is still new and its not complete and its not very integrated with the rest of the architecture in my opinion, so that code isn't what I'd call stable. :)


  • i got a alix2c3 so is it possible to connect a USB ADSL modem or so and get it to work as the WAN interface rather than use the network adapter as a WAN interface?

  • Hi,
    FreeBSD/pfSense uses umodem and ucom to communicate with USB modems that implement the CDC ACM (Communication Device Class Abstract Control Model). That's a mouthful, huh. Read this for more info http://www.freebsd.org/cgi/man.cgi?query=umodem

    If your USB ADSL modem implements this framework, it will probably work. I'm not familiar enough with USB ADSL modems to say for sure. What is the model?


  • thats just too much info for me to digest.

    its a aztech usb adsl modem

    so can the USB ports on the alix come to any use at all, atleast replace the use of the CF card with a USB flash drive which is more easier to operate and re flash for upgrades

  • replace the CF card with USB stick?

    Nope. Alix board doesn't support boot from USB.  :(

  • I'm running full pfsense 2 on alix 2c3 using microdrive, cable internet.
    In pfsense 2 you can't bridge Wireless with LAN, at least I don't see this option here :/
    Performance is good, IPSec works, wifi is stable though some in/out errors

    In pfsense 2 you can't bridge Wireless with LAN

    Interfaces->assign->Brigde ;)

  • hm… i updated from 1.2.3 to 2.0. on 1.2.3 i had couple of rules on lan and since wifi was bridged to lan those rules applied on wifi too. when i updated fw to 2.0 those rules were still there but didn't affect wireless anymore, only lan. this is why i thought that bridge not there and everything works through internal routing or something...  :)