Issue wih multiple SSH connections and Port forwards

  • Hi All,

    Below is the scenario and problem for you.

    I have two port forwards.

    1. 8444 to internal 443 going to the PFsense for remote access.

    2. 8443 to internal 443 going to a pbx for remote access.

    If I log into the pfsense everything is fine, however if I then connect into the pbx the session to the pfsense times out / disconnects and then I have to log back in. It's vise vera regardless of which device I connect to first, it seems as if as soon as a new connection created the old one expires.

    I have tried this with both firefox and chrome and get the same results.

    I also have some remote handsets connecting to the pbx via port forwards within the pfsense. If the internet connection drops the handsets won't automatically reconnect, the router they are connected to has to be restarted for them to re-connect to the pbx. I am unsure if this is related to above.

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