Proxmox, PfSense, and WAN

  • Hello all

    I have an installation of proxmox and a VM of pFsense and its driving me mad.
    Essentially my ideal setup is Internet > Proxmox > pfSense > everything else.

    However, i'm having a very interesting issue. Inside of proxmox, I restart networking using "service networking restart" and everything connected to pFsense looses access to the internet. When I restart pFsense, it can no longer find the WAN.
    When I restart the networking on proxmox, bring down the vm, and restart the VM, everything connects as usual.

    Can anyone steer me in the right direction of why the discrepancy and how to resolve?

  • Did you heed the installation advices for Proxmox?
    Especially I'm meaning the recommendation concerning to disable hardware checksum offloading for the virtualized NICs relating to your issue.

  • Thank you for responding. But yes, the disable hardware checksum offloading is checked

  • Bump

    Any more ideas? Its very annoying to have to always restart the pfSense vm a few times a day.

  • Is your WAN address a static address or assigned via your ISP DHCP?

  • dhcp

  • I know I had some trouble with my DHCP address that if I made changes on the physical or hypervisor side, pfsense would not pick up the changes without a restart. Though I have since rebuilt the pfsense VM and am not having this issue on this install. I made the DHCP address as WAN1 instead of WAN2, not sure that it made a difference or not.

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