Sg-1100 Intermittent Wan issue

  • Evening all,

    So I recently purchased a sg-1100 and finally got around to setting it up today.

    My setup looks like this

    ISP talk talk uk >
    Draytek vigor 2860 in bridged mode lan >
    Netgate sg-1100 pfsense wan
    Netgate sg-1100 pfsense lan >
    Unmanaged switch

    I successfully configured my old draytek into bridge mode and setup the wan interface of the pfsense to DHCP - got a public IP on the wan interface - perfect

    Other than that I have not configured anything else.

    The problem I'm having is that my wan would lose Internet intermittently every 20-40 minutes and will some times come back after 20 minutes or a reboot of the netgate. Tried looking in system logs but couldn't find anything - anyone seem behavior like this before or have any advice? Any help would be much appreciated.


  • Found this thread and it seems to be a same issue, in thats its the same ISP

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