Looking for dual-WAN router recomendations

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    I recently started a 100% remote job and now find my self in need of a redundant Internet connection. 95% of my job requieres me to be on a company VPN and talking to remote servers, so if my ISP goes down... I'm dead in the water. That's obviously not going to fly. My company covers a good chunk of my Internet subscription, so I find my self flirting with the idea of dual WANs.

    These are my basic requirements:

    Must support dual WAN. Being able to load-balance would be great, but at a minimum automatic failover.

    Bandwidth monitoring/utilization per WAN and per client

    Performant - should be able to support 1Gbps WAN speeds (this recently became an option in my area, so an upgrade might be in my near future)

    Being an enthusiast at heart... my first thought was "I'll build a pfsense box!" but after talking with a good friend of mine and throwing around ideas.... he pointed out that doing so would be more expensive (upfront hardware cost and long-term power conception) and time consuming (figure out specs, buy the right hardware, etc) compared to just getting something like an off-the-shelf Ubiquiti router.

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    Check for the Netgate SG-3100


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