NUT driver for UPS auto shutdown

  • I've been testing my CyberPower UPS with the NUT package for UPS management and noticed it is not shutting down my XG-7100 as expected. Looking at the documentation that is out there, it is a bit confusing. Does anyone have knowledge of this? I just want the UPS to power down my firewall if the battery gets too low. I do have the UPS connected via USB to my firewall.

  • @bhjitsense

    I don't know if it's the same issue, but I found neither NUT or APCUPSD worked with my new APC UPS, but worked with my old one. The same new UPS works fine with Linux. Apparently there's a difference in the newer models that the FreeBSD under pfSense doesn't work with.

  • @JKnott
    It seems to be reporting status correctly. And I do only let it run for a minute or two before I plug it back in (afraid to let the pfSense appliance turn off without being shut down).

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