pfsense 2.3.5 and autoconfig backup

  • Hello,

    Just want to confirm that I correctly understand what happened to the Autoconfig Backup in pfsense 2.3.5

    Essentially, it is just stopped working some time ago, no prior backups can be seen, the log contains the error message saying "The requested URL /pfSconfigbackups/backup.php was not found on this server."

    The Netgate online documentation say:
    "Now that all pfSense Gold Subscriptions are expired, access to the legacy backup server has been removed, please upgrade to use the new ACB server."

    Does it mean that the access to all older backups is lost (not a big deal in my case) and pfsense 2.3.5 will not be able to use Autoconfig Backup package anymore even if I am willing to renew pfSense Gold Subscription?


  • The gold subscription option is gone. And so is the old backup server.

    2.3.5 is past EOL and unsupported anymore. So nobody is going to update the code to use the new system.

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    There was was 2 years notice that 2.3 line was going to be EOL and no longer supported.. That you are still on it makes no sense at all.

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    Probably 32-bit hardware.

  • Thank you all who responded. If the support of 2.3.5 Autoconfig backup package was discontinued long time ago I wonder how I could miss it. The only reason could be that the configuration of my pfsense box has not been changed for a while (since there no need for that), thus no backups were performed.

    The hardware is more than adequate, it is a 64 bit machine so there is no problem with installing the latest and greatest build of pfsense.
    I actually tried to upgrade to 2.4.4 some time ago but the upgrade did not succeed and I had to revert to the older build.

    I will think about upgrading but on the other hand I am pretty happy with 2.3.5 and the only reason why I may upgrade it to make the Autoconfig backup feature work again. Other than that I simply don't see a reason for upgrade (yes, I am aware of security upgrades, bug fixes etc in the newest release of pfsense) but that just me.


  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    Security issues have been fixed since then.

    But, of course, it is your choice if you choose to run a known insecure version to protect your network.

  • Netgate Administrator

    Upgrading to 2.4.4 should be relatively painless currently but if you did see issues before you can always install fresh and restore the config. There is really no reason to be on 2.3.X any longer if your hardware is 64bit.


  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    Even if your hardware is 32bit, just means its time you refresh the hardware.. Clearly any 32bit hardware in this day and age is well past its use by date ;)

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