• Hi Support,

    I followed the basic setup wizard, and upon changing the LAN IP, the device restarted and I was able to access it with the new gateway address. I changed my mind and changed it to another LAN IP, and once the machine restarted, it would now give an APIPA and DHCP won't work. I tried using console cable but unsuccessful even after installing the drivers. I tried to reset the device but did not help my situation.

    Here's the summary of the problem:

    Step 1: I entered the setup wizard, configured LAN IP to 172.16.3.x
    Step 2: The device restarted, and I was able to access thru GW,
    Step 3: I change my mind, and configured LAN IP to 172.16.100.x
    Step 4: The device restart and gap me APIPA, could not access the device anymore
    Step 5: Tried console cable, installed required drivers, does not work
    Step 5: Tried hard reset button, still gives me APIPA

    Desired objective or result: be able to do basic setup, e.g. change the LAN IP to my desired IP


  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    If you change the LAN numbering you have to change the DHCP pool. Run the setup wizard again and it will do this for you.

    Connecting the to the console is essential at this point or you could statically set the management workstation to something in 172.16.100.x and you should be able to access the webgui again and correct the DHCP pool.

    You should certainly get connected to the serial console so you have it ready when/if you ever need it.


  • @Tiger-0 said in SG-3100 Firewall Appliance:

    and DHCP won't work

    The DHCP server is probably still server an IP in the old IP LAN range.
    Assign your PC a static IP and Gateway and DNS, so you can access the GUI and edit the DHCP LAN server settings.
    When done, you can switch back to DHCP on your PC.

    After that, make the console (USB) work.

    edit : well... basically, I repeated what Derelict said ....

  • Hi Guys,

    Thank you for your reply. none of the above works as I have already done it.

    1.) How to make a hard reset?
    2.) How long should the reset button be pressed?
    3.) How to connect the pc to console port?

    The documentation you shared to me is the same I read before I post here, but not working.

    Best Regards,

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    The reset button does not reset the configuration. You need to connect to the console.

    This is the definitive documentation on connecting the the console. At what point does the procedure break down for you?


  • Hi Derelict,

    Here's what I do:
    Step 1: I installed the required drivers for the console, 64 bit to be specific
    Step 2: I connected the console cable

    But nothing happens from here.

    Looking forward to your reply.

    Best Regards,

  • After step 1, did you saw the serial port "COM" as mentioned in the doc ? Did it mention a port number like port COM3 inn the example ?
    And the

    Open PuTTY and locate the Session display as shown below. F ....

    part isn't worth to mention ? What did you do ?

    Any images / screenshots to share ?

    Where is what you're experimenting different as what has been written down ?