Replacing a fan on XG-1541 1U

  • I have purchased XG-1541 1U over a year ago. It is not high-redundancy unit, i.e., it does not have dual redundant swappable power supplies. And the fan on the power supply is on 24/7/365. So no matter how good the fan bearings are at some point the fan will fail. If I don't want to wait until that moment, but would like to replace the fan (with the same quality unit) what are my options? The case is sealed, but I am not sure how long the hardware warranty is for. So when should I be able to open it and replace the fan? And also, does Netgate recommend any particular fan model? Or do they recommend some other approach?

  • Netgate Administrator

    It's impossible for us to recommend you open the power supply. I could only suggest you get a replacement identical PSU if you need to replace a worn fan there and it's out of warranty.

    That appears to be this:
    Confirm that physically before ordering though since I don't have access to check directly.


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