Upgrade from 2.3.5 device to newer 2.4 device

  • My current pfsense device wouldn't run 2.4.x so it has stayed on 2.3.5

    I cant seem to find a solid answer on the best way to migrate the config to a device running a newer version.

    Will the import process upgrade the config or what do I need to do before importing it on the new device?

    Any help appreciated been putting this off for a while as im not sure what to do.



  • It's actually a pretty straight forward process.

    Install 2.4.4-p3 on your "64 bit capable device".
    Use / activate the console access. This could be as simple as hooking up a keyboard and screen, or activate the USB-console access, you didn't tell what you are using for a 2.4.4-p3 device, so can't tell more.

    Export your config on your 2.3.5 device.
    Import it on you 2.4.4-p3 device.

    There is one thing that won't come over : the Ethernet NIC's will probably not be the same - so other drivers will be used so the names of the NIC's will change.
    This can be corrected using the console access : after importing and rebooting, assign the right NIC to WAN, another one to LAN, etc.

    Restart pfSense after this assignment - and while it's rebooting (there is a console command for that), replace you 2.3.5 device for the new 2.4.4-p3 device.
    Hook up WAN to your WAN supplier - and your PC - or entire network to LAN - and other LAN-like interfaces (OPTx) if you have any.

    Because the WAN will work now, pfSense will find package settings (if any) and install the need packages automatically. be patient while it's doing so.
    LAN will be find, so you can access the GUI while it's doing it's job.

  • Oh cool thank I was hoping that would work but wasn't sure.

    I remember something about when I tried to upgrade the current device I had to remove all packages or something. I never got it working well on 2.4 it was just too slow once it was upgrade so ive built a low power pc to replace it.

    Yeah all the network cards are different and there are more now, shouldnt be a big issue from what you've said.

    Many thanks will give it a go as soon as I get chance.



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