WebGUI Really Buggy On Mobile (iOS 13 Safari).

  • First of all, I would love to start out by saying how much I love PfSense, and the community that makes it what it is.

    There are times out there I need to modify a rule or setting adjustment on the fly, and sometimes the only thing I have with me is my iPhone (XS Max). The WebGUI on on my Mac and iPad (iPadOS 13) works great. However, when it comes to using my iPhone for PfSense management, it is a nightmare. I am running PfSense build 2.4.4-p3. Even in landscape mode, scrolling vertically or horizontally through rules is a challenge. There are little "tricks" you have to do so you're finally able to scroll. Also, at times the selector prompt does nothing. I was trying to add a new firewall rule the other day, and I wanted to select what kind of ICMP subtypes to allow. I click "echo reply" and "echo request" and click "Done" and it is still selected as "any". Doing this on my Mac or iPad is no issue. This is just a few instances of how buggy the WebGUI is on mobile. I think having a good WebGUI available for mobile is crucial since there has been times I've gotten a call from a customer, and I was out somewhere. I just start a VPN session wherever I am, and I can make updates for a customer. Would be great if this experience could get easier and more reliable.

    Another idea instead of just optimizing the WebGUI for mobile would be to possibly create a PfSense (or Netgate) management app for iOS (and possibly for Android as well). Then inside that app, you can specify the firewall you are trying to manage and then you can enter your credentials at the prompt (maybe even a save credentials feature using Face-ID/Biometrics). From there, you would have a nice clean management portal to do about anything you could from the desktop WebGUI. Just things would be really optimized for making changes on the go for mobile. This of course might not be practical to ever be on the road-map for future development, but it would be really cool!

    Edit: I have not used 2.5, and have no idea if changes were made for WebGUI optimizations for mobile.

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