Squid + squidguard + Pi-hole

  • Annyone here who has such a setup ??..
    Like the pihole
    Been trying pfblockerNG, but pulled down all of my network


    Pfblocker Virtual IP ????

  • I used to run a pihole but I replaced it with pfB. Basic functionality is simple to configure via the wizard. Both Netgate and Lawrence Systems have excellent YouTube video tutorials on getting it running.

  • I do not have squid/squidguard, but do have proxhttps proxy/privoxy and pihole. It works great though a bit slower then with only pihole involved.
    Pihole with unbound and cloudflared is really fast. The advantage with privoxy is that you can tweak a bit better then with only dns based blocking.

  • Could i use both Pfblocker and The Pihole

  • I don't really see the point. They essentially do the same job. They even use some of the same blacklists.

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