xfinity 1gig speeds with Netgate APU4

  • Hello!

    I recently upgraded my Xfinity cable internet to (up to) 1000 Mbps service (with 35Mbps upload). I have a Netgate APU4 running pfBlockerNG-devel, 1 active IPSEC tunnel and an openvpn server... after upgrading the cable modem I tested speeds with my laptop wired direct to the modem and got 931down/36up... however wired through router I can't seem to get more than 275-335down (upload still ~36)... so the router seems to be limiting by throughput... is this to be expected with this (older) model or is there a setting I am missing somewhere that is causing the slower speeds?

    thank you for any assistance you can offer!

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    Sounds about right for an APU. Get more CPU.

  • Netgate Administrator

    Yes, ~350Mbps is the most you will see from the original APU.

    I do recall one user adding an Intel mPCIe dual NIC card and seeing closer to 500Mbps but at this point upgrading the unit is the only practical option.


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