• Hello All,

    So I've come so close yet feel so far....

    Here is a diagram https://www.draw.io/#LUntitled Diagram.drawio

    Basically I have a XG-7100 with a internet circuit providing 5 static public IP's with the Gateway of XX.69

    For our local office we will be using XX.71 on WAN ETH 1 PVID 4090.
    Our local LAN PVID 4091 uses this XX.71 WAN.
    I have created another VLAN PVID 4092 out of ETH 3. 3,9t,10t and removed 3 from LAN. I have then bridged this new VLAN interface to the WAN. This port needs to feed XX.72 through transparent bridge point to points to another office, however this office needs to be limited to 10up/10down. When a plug in a PC directly into ETH 3 and feed it the public IP info of XX.72 tada success! However this interface needs to be limited, I feel like I have tried everything and failed. I have created a CODEL floating limiter to this interface; no success. I have created a codel / default limiter on the interface itself; no success. I have tried every source, destination, and interface I can think of but nothing seems to limit the bandwidth, either I lose net access or it doesn't limit itself. Is this due to the bridge? I'm guessing I am missing something small but I've just hit a wall.

    Thank You!

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