• Hello community, ill try my best to explain this situation

    We have a dual WAN connection, Single LAN and some static routes to access from WAN to WAN

    Yesterday, the default WAN link that we use was a bit slow, so, pfSense was rebooted.
    Now we can access to google services, and, the assigned IP's that the ISP gave us works, but, we can't navigate through the rest of the internet (or use the VPN assigned to the ISP IP) through the LAN.

    We did some tests to the IP of the ISP device from the interface that pfSense is connected, and everything was correct, but, when we checked the logs, we got this message:

    kernel arpresolve: can't allocate llinfo for IP.IP.IP.IP on interfaceX

    The gateway is not on the ARP table like the backup one, but, you can get the MAC of the device through an ARPing. . .

    After a reboot, through GW1 we can access to google, and all the machines that have the ISP IP adresses, but, we can't access to other internet services, we tried to manually add the GW IP & MAC to the ARP Table with:
    arp -s deviceIP deviceMAC and arp -s deviceIP pfSenseMAC and it didn't work

    What am i missing? Maybe i should check something else?