Opinions on this hw

  • Hi, I’ve been here for a while and this is my first topic. I have been using sg1000 so far but now due to my connection upgrade 500/500 I want to change the hw, what do you thank about this one?

    64gb 4gb ram
    I need 5 lan ports, wifi is managed by a mesh system so no need to include it. No advanced use, just one vlan, some clients redirected throught vpn client, pfblocker and some rules to block outbound connections from some clients. I am considering as well to use an openvpn server.

    Thank you

  • Netgate Administrator

    I expect that will be fine, it would easily pass the bandwidth. Unless of course it fails and you need to send it back to China. 😉

    Please don't post links to direct competitors though. It's just.... 😞

    Have you considered the SG-3100? https://store.netgate.com/SG-3100.aspx


  • Hi, thank you for you response. Of course, sg3100 was my first thought but it goes out of budget for me, that’s why I had to go for an alternative (sorry for posting the link).

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