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  • OK, looks like I posted empty post. My question is if this would be a DOS.

    My network lately is running very slowly, slower than usual for my ISP. I am running a pfSense firewall. Traffic shows constant traffic of 1.5mbs Checking the logs I came across hundreds of incoming connections with a destination address of and It seems to me that this traffic is abnormal. The firewall is blocking the traffic and the source addresses are all on the same subnet. Can anyone shed any light on what this traffic is?

  • Netgate Administrator

    Your ISP is not isolating customers on the same subnet. Or they are sending it themselves...

    Continuous 1.5Mbps seems extreme.

    You can add a firewall rule on WAN to block and not log that which will remove load from the firewall but won't help traffic conditions on your WAN.

    I would call the ISP if the source IP there is just some other customer of theirs.


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