having trouble with configuration

  • hi im just pretty new to this ive managed to install and access my pfsense box however im confused by how to configure the settings for the home network im trying to build ive been reading forum posts and watching videos etc for a couple weeks now
    home network.png

  • LAYER 8

    ok so, what's the problem?
    what do you want to know?
    with 5 interface on your pfsense you can segment all your home to different lan as it's in the image

  • my problem is can i set up pfsense so all my router settings like ssid and password are managed by pfsense
    second pf sense seems primarily for one line in one line out firewall how do i use 3 ethernet connections to link my aps
    i want all 3 of my wireless aps on the same vlan (sorry for the confusion) and i want the 3 wired aps on the same vlan but i would prefer my wired and wireless on seperate vlan though not neccesary

  • basically my routers are aging and instead of going with expensive home network crap i want to build my own network solution out of my old workstation
    why because find me a router with a 3.2GHz core 2 quad 8GB ram and i was originally goig to use x86 ddwrt but then i found pfsense and saw how much i could improve my network security and how i could seperate my server and home network

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