• Hi

    I have two boxes setup with CARP but in order to provide switch redundancy I'd like to plug the LAN connections from each box into a different switch on the network. Is this possible?

    I tried it but it took around 30 minutes for the IP to respond to pings from inside! Is this normal behaviour? It pings immediately when both LAN connections are in the same switch. I have a HP ProCurve 2650 and 2626 as the switches. Don't know if that makes any difference.



  • Two switches should not be a problem if both of your pfSenses are connected to the same LAN-segment and there is no problem with transmitting multicast traffic between switches.

  • Ok, thanks Eugene I'll look into the switch multicasting. What about this delay though? A delay of 30 mins would mean downtime if a pfSense box failed…

  • As soon as you solve the problem with delivering multicast CARP packets between to pfSenses there will be (almost) no delay.

  • You're right. I enabled multicast filtering on both switches and it works now. Thanks for your help.  :)