Outbound NAT using CARP IP

  • Hello!

    I recently configured a pair of XG-7100 appliances in High Availability. Everything works properly, except when specifying the CARP Virtual IP on the WAN interface as the source address for outbound NAT. Both appliances are connected to the modem/switch provided by the ISP.

    I have a /29 subnet. I'm using the following IP addresses:

    CARP IP = 24.138.x.67
    GW1 WAN = 24.138.x.68
    GW2 WAN = 24.138.x.69

    Using the default NAT rules, traffic flows normally. However, when I configure a rule to use the CARP Virtual IP as the address used for translation, traffic does not flow outbound.

    Trying to ping the ISP router (24.138.x.65) using the source interface as the CARP Virtual IP fails. The ISP router can be pinged from all other interfaces. I cannot ping my CARP Virtual IP from another external network (Cellular as an example).

    Is this an issue with the ISP, or am I missing something as part of my configuration?

    Any help is appreciated! Thanks a bunch!

    EDIT: Typo - cannot ping the CARP virtual IP externally

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