Snort and SquidGuard issues

  • Re: Are there any conflicts with running Squid + Squidguard + snort?

    Hello Guys,

    Someone already had this problem?

    "My snort version is package dependency 2.9.15, i imagine the issue is around pc memory cause it has just 1,5 Gb (pc test). Before install snort with all packages (DNS Forwarder + Squid/SquidGuard + DHCP Relay + VPN + Clamav) everything was right. SquidGuard was working ok, DNS was working well.

    I think snort works with all packages for one day with 1,5Gb.

    **I Just really have a doubt with one thing. I noticed in this meantime that everything was working with snort packages, the SquidGuard was not Filtering sites by the shallalist, it looks like shallalist was being ignored, at the same moment after snort was installed **

    I think it can be one setting compatibility between squidguard and snort (something simple, i'm new with pfsense)

    1. i know i must have much more memory in this pc.
    2) case (snort and squidguard compatibility) this is really problem?"

    Ignore pc memory please

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