Dual WAN, but WAN2(OPT1) relies on WAN, very strange!!!…

  • I am having a quiet strange issue:
    We have dual wan, primary is DSL, and secondary is cable. One web server behind firewall and for redundant reason, we forward port 80 to web server and open 80 port for each WAN interfaces.
    Visiting web server from external is fine if both WAN connections are OK. The web server can be accessed by both WAN IPs.
    If I disconnect WAN2, web server can only be accessed from WAN IP, that's correct;
    But when I disconnect WAN, the MOST weird thing happens: the web server is accessible by WAN2 IP only in the first couple of minutes (maybe 2-3 mins), then the WAN2 IP becomes total unaccessible from external; the ping response "time out", means the WAN2 interface stops responding to external request(?)…
    BUT meantime, LAN still can go out from WAN2 connection, visiting any external IP checking websites will show correct WAN2 IP!!!
    If I restore WAN connect, WAN2 incoming works almost right way (of course WAN)!!! It shouldn't be a problem of routes, right? Since ping WAN2 interface is nothing about routes. It looks WAN2 relies on WAN connection, , but how? and way?

  • akoei,

    Your WAN connection using DSL wouldn't happen to be a PPoE connection would it?  The reason I ask is because I have one site where their setup is like yours and the symptons are exactly the same as your describe.  My setup uses a PPoE dsl line for the WAN and a static ip cable modem for my OPT1 link.  I haven't had a chance yet, but if there is no fix for this, I am tempted to put swap my WAN and OPT1 connections and just put a cheap Linksys router in front of my DSL line, have it do the PPoE connection so I can use the static setup for the OPT1 link (as we cannot setup an OPT1 link to use PPoE in pfsense).

    Let me know if you see any other items with this… Thanks!