LAN and WAN Printer Port Forward Help

  • I have my WAN as 192.168.10.x and my LAN as 10.1.10.x, I have two issues I cannot get resolved on my end:

    1. On the LAN side I have an HP network printer (hardwired) that has air print options enabled on it. Before the firewall install I could print to this via an iphone/android phone. Now that the WAN and LAN are separate I no longer can (which makes sense) but I would like for individuals on the WAN side to be able to print to this printer. This is very useful for me as I like to be able to print from my iphone to my printer and I like to have the WAN and LAN separate. I am having trouble configuring/figuring out which ports to forward so this can happen. I am lost on this one. I added all kinds of rules trying to get the ports open for this to happen but cannot figure it out. The printer on my network is and currently I delete all the rules I created to help clean up the mess I created.

    2. On the WAN I have a wireless printer that I would like the LAN users to be able to access and unfortunately this is a cheaper printer and it does not have networking capabilities so I cannot just hardwire it into the network. I believe I have this set up correctly in the NAT as I can have network computers print to it. However, what is odd is that if I try and ping the printer from the LAN side it will have 100% packet loss until I manually add the device through Windows - add a printer - and manually enter the IP address of the printer. After I do that I can ping the printer from the command prompt and from pfsense diagnostic. I think I may be going about this wrong. The printer on WAN is

    I am newbie when it comes to this but I am asking for someone to help educate me on this and appreciate any guidance/solutions.


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