Huawei E220 USB HSDPA/EDGE/UMTS 3G Modem

  • Any news on support for Huawei E220 USB HSDPA/EDGE/UMTS Modems?
    They are officially supported in FreeBSD 7.0 (3.12 USB Devices:

    Would be great to use it with an ALIX board. Kind of a 3G to WLAN bridge.
    (Need it for a friend who has to stay in hospital for some weeks. So I need a solution quite fast to give him access to the INet… Other ideas welcome!)

  • Did you get a resolution to this? I'd like to be able to do the same. If I can get it to work I'm considering using a Huawei E181 (same as E180) as a secondary connection for fail-over, or as a simple deployment option for mobile scenarios.

  • Work is currently in progress and it's said to have issues with the PPP client that need to be sorted out.
    2.0 is supposed to have it at some point in time.

    As I understand it, work is done with an E220. Don't know how the hardware differs to your E18x and if it will be compatible or not. But there's nothing for us to test at the moment anyway.

  • Thanks for the update. Having (briefly) looked at the hardware profiles of the different Huawei HSDPA modems, it looks like most of them are reporting the same hardware ID and profiles. So, my guess is that if it works with the 220, since the 220 seems to be somewhat of a "reference" platform for Huawei, it will work with other modem models too. I've successfully gotten the E181 (T-Mobile webConnect) to work on both Linux and Mac.

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