routing Issue

  • Hello. I have I think a simple issue but not easy when you start routing ☹
    OK I have a vsphere 6.7 with 2 vswitch
    Public IP -> VM Network vswith (IP address WAN 212.83........)
    LAN IP All my VMS are connected to a second vswitch (name VMLAN)
    My GOAL :
    I need to add new subnet on my internal network
    So I added a new NIC on my pfsene and I set up address
    If I add a new Virtual Machine with IP I cannot ping
    so whats must I do to be able to ping the
    I want people from outsite to be able to RDP the


  • @fluctuationit

    Is the VM network adapter bridged or NAT? If NAT, you have the same subnet on both sides of it, which will not work.

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