DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN/BAD_CONFIG every first time open Browser

  • Hello Everybody!

    I'm new with pfsense, i need a help. Every first time I open any browser, some websites returns me DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN or DNS_PROBE_BAD_CONFIG, when i refresh browser it works. My environment is a AD as DNS and DHCP Server (there is forwarding for pfsense ip address enabled), so I have not enabled "DNS Resolver" on pfsense, and i'm using "DNS Forwarder". I seted up squid (man in the middle), squidguard and snort (block offenders enabled), i have VPN and Clamav Enabled too, i know the websites opens little slow cause man in the middle and clamav are setted. But i'm having this little issues during browsing.

    I hope someone could help me with settings.

    ps: I really don't no if DNS Resolver can be setted when AD by default is a DNS Server? (it might generate conflict one with it other)


    My prints for help:





    Services Running

    squidguard_go_acl2.jpg squidguard_go_acl.jpg squidguard_common_acl.jpg SquidGuard Filter Enable.jpg

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