Netgate/PFSense doesn't see server on network

  • A few days ago we added a 2 new port forwards to our network for a new IP phone system. When we did that a port forward that was already in place stopped working.

    After research we found that PFSense was forwarding the traffic as it should (no error), but the server is not receiving it. Upon further research we determined that we cannot ping the server from PFSense. We can ping that server from any other computer on the network. We can ping the router from the server, but not the server from the router. I also can ping other servers from PFSense. We're not sure where the traffic is going. PFSense is the DHCP server on the network and the server I'm trying to reach has a static IP outside the DHCP Pool.

    Any ideas on what I'm missing here?

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    Prob put a wrong mask on the server..

    If the server is on the same L2 as all the other devices that pfsense can ping.. Then its issue on the server.. Validate your setting.. Simple test is just set the server to dhcp - does that work?

    If so - double check what you did wrong with the static settings.

    Or maybe you can not ping the pfsense because of firewall on the server? Without exact details it is impossible to help with what is the issue. Can the server ping pfsense, and other devices on the network?

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