• Is there an Asterisk working package?

    What do you think about security, about running asterisk on pfsense?

  • No and its not a good idea.

  • No package yet.
    Security depends on what you think is secure or what your requirements for security you have.
    In general any additional service running at a firewall adds additional vulnerability.

  • depends how much compiling you want to do, in theory would work but would need to be careful about what holes you open up on the wan interface.

  • Asterisk on a PFSense box is just plan insane.

    I run G726 and via 10 channels and thee would be no way I would attempt to put that on even put on a pfsense box.    The hardware demands get grater is you are going to deal with PSTN to ip-pbx via zaptel cards that realy on the processor to o all the hard work.  Asterisk is cpu intensive and PFSense can be cpu intensive depending on what your using it for.  Also it adds a whole nother layer of things to go wrong when I am setting up a network with pfsense.

  • Not to mention that if * is on the firewall itself, you cannot use traffic shaping….

    Asterisk must be behind or in front of the firewall to shape.

  • OK OK…. Asterisk on a pfSense machine is NOT a good idea....  :)

    I'll use a separate machine... And I grow the energy consumption and the bill....  :-\

  • Get a soekris/wrap and throw one of these ready made asterisk images to it. This will only use around 3 watts.