How to give priority to a gateway

  • I have configured two gateways as a multi-wan load balancer
    i want to give priority to a gateway . This is my two gateways
    1.SLT_Fibre connection
    2.Dialog 4G connection
    i want to give more priority to 2nd connection(4G connection)
    Because 1st connection already speed,lots of bandwidth sucks ;)
    how to do this
    I don't have idea of how to setup gateway weight options.
    appreciate reply thank you

  • LAYER 8 Moderator

    If two WANs need to be balanced in a weighted fashion due to differing amounts of bandwidth between them, that can be accommodated by adjusting the Weight parameter on the gateway as described in Unequal Cost Load Balancing and Weight.

    Weight can be configured per gateway by editing said gateway, clicking on "Advanced" and modifying the weight value.

    So if you REALLY want to use load balancing and not failover (why would you like to load balance between a fiber and 4G connection anyway!?) then raise the weight of the connection you want to prefer. Setting weight 9 to fibre and 1 to 4G would mean that by both being Tier1 in your gateway (load balancing) for every 10 connections outgoing, 9 will be on fibre, 1 would be on the 4G.

    That said, if they are THAT different, why bothering to loadbalance in the first place and not simply using failover for emergencies and only route specific connection via 4G that you absolutely want to go that way?

  • @JeGr thanks for your response

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