Hardware Fortigate with embedded PFSense

  • Hello guys,

    We've received a Fortigate 90D hardware from a company that was crashed and we want to ressurect this hardware with PFSense instead of the original system ($$$$).

    The company has no much money to acquire the licenses and support for the Fortigate and we would like to use PFsense.

    Is it possible? How can I proceed to do this?

  • Netgate Administrator

    Probably not. Fortigate used special purpose chips (usually ASICs) in their devices to get the throughput they need and those are not accessible without their code. The 90D appears no different:

    Combines a RISC-based CPU with Fortinet’s proprietary SPU content and network processors for unmatched performance

    So you might get the management plane running pfSense if that part is x86 but you won't get any of switch ports available and performance will be..... limited!

    Or it may just not be possible at all.


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